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Our Staff

At Chantry Homes, we believe the elderly deserve the best care. Therefore, we make sure that all our staff have the same ethos. We choose our staff from all walks of life, and yet their love and dedication for a job in which helping others are paramount unite them. We help our staff to develop their professional skills by supporting them to become certified in nationally accepted qualifications. This is key as it helps our staff always perform in line with best practices, and so our teams of staff are motivated and take pride in giving the best possible care. 

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Meals at Chantry Homes

At Chantry Homes we cater for all nutritional and dietary requirements. 

Meal times at Chantry Homes are made up of fresh, healthy foods, cooked on site by our qualified cooks. The majority of our meals are made up from fresh, local produce. Fresh fruit is also provided for the residents at meal times.

When designing our menus we consider advice from Nutritionists and Health Care professionals. We have designed bespoke menus for all meals and residents are able to choose alternative menus if they would prefer.


Our Nursing staff asses all of our residents with regards to weight gain/loss, their BMI (body mass index) and also calculate their MUST score. With this information and the help of outside health professionals we are able to decide whether special dietary needs are required. After assessment, our cooks are provided with the relevant information so that each resident is catered for at the highest level.



Residents Dining

Residents can choose to eat in our beautiful dining room with amazing scenic views or they can choose to eat in their own room if they please. 


Teas, Coffees and other beverages together with cakes and biscuits are provided at mid mornings and in the afternoons.


Our Staff place the emphasis and understand the importance on providing activities for our residents as we believe that is it an essential part of care. 



We love hearing about our residents' activities and hobbies, past and present, so we can create an activity schedule that they will enjoy; we take pride in supporting them to foster their hobbies in new environments, whilst also introducing them to new passions.

Our staff organise activities for the morning, afternoon and evening concentrating on different themes, giving our residents plenty of opportunity to take part in a great variety of activities.

We believe that carrying out regular activities allows our residents to:

  • live in a care environment that makes them feel more fulfilled, motivated and meaningfully occupied;

  • improve their wellbeing;

  • improve their cognitive behavior, mental and physical capacity. 

Our specialist activity organisers enables residents to make the most of the individual and group activities. 

In the Summer months we organise various outings. Relatives and friends to take their loved ones on various outings which are eagerly anticipated by our residents.

Both our homes have been rated "GOOD" by the CQC Commision. Please click here to find out more information.

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